Gifts4Points Payout (Proof Included!)

Are you still skeptical about Gifts4Points being a real opportunity to make money online? I know I am not. I recently requested a payout for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. I earned the majority of the money used to redeem the gift card by completing the PTC offers, but I also earned a slight amount from referring other members (I will talk more about this on a later post).

Gifts4Points Payout ProofLink

This wonderful $20 Amazon Gift Card from Gifts4Points took around 3 days to arrive in my inbox. Oh yes, they send you the code via e-mail, not directly to your home address. Same goes for all other code-based prizes. Say you don't want your mail being stolen by a roommate, parent, or sibling. You no longer need to worry about that; just send the codes to an e-mail you alone have access to.

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Is Gifts4Points a scam?

The main question everyone asks is:

Is Gifts4Points a scam?

The answer: of course not! Gifts4Points is 100% legitimate. Sure, at first glance Gifts4Points appears to be a scam. You think, what site gives out free prizes and gift cards? It is not wholly free, but it does not require you to pay anything. How is this possible? First, let us take a look at the CPC (Cost Per Click).

On Gifts4Points, you get paid, currently, $0.03 every time you click a link in the PTC (Paid to Click) section. There are a total of 26 links to click on Gifts4Points.

Now, we are going to do some basic math:

$0.03 every time you click a link
$0.78 each day by clicking links
$5.46 each week by clicking links
$21.84+ each month by clicking links
$262.08 each year by clicking links

Those numbers look good, don't they? The time it takes each day to click the links is about 5 minutes. You can click these links while doing homework, browsing the web, or even while watching television. It takes little to no effort to click these links. Now, if that money is not good enough, you can also complete surveys.

If you want to maximize your earnings at Gifts4Points, you can complete surveys. Survey payouts are higher than PTC, but they take more time and effort. Affiliate companies pay Gifts4Points every time you complete a survey. Gifts4Points keeps a piece of the pie for themselves, but they give the rest to you! Why do the affiliates pay Gifts4Points? They want your opinion!

Gifts4Points has over 250 free surveys available for you to complete. While some offers require several pages of questions, others only require you to submit your email address. Imagine that! Getting paid to submit your email address!

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